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Available by appointment in the greater Seattle-Tacoma area
Outside the local area by arrangement



Options for Individual Silhouettes:


•  The best bargain for individual silhouettes is to ask your child's school to schedule an artist visit. This is a convenient way for parents to get heirloom art at a big discount, while also raising money for the school. Students can see an artist in action, and the school helps carry on a tradition of silhouette art into the next generation.

• For individual appointments in public venues you can look for me in select children's boutiques and toy stores, usually in the spring or fall.

• Private, individual appointments can be a great option, offering more personalized attention to special requests. However, I can only take private appointments as my schedule allows, and because my regular prices are based on volume, there is a surcharge.

• Silhouette parties in private homes give you a chance to share your enthusiasm for silhouettes with friends and family. I can generally accommodate a few special requests. Family dogs sometimes pose too! In the local Bellevue/Seattle area there is no trip or party fee for groups of 10 or more. (That means 10 silhouettes to cut; 10 children having their silhouette cut; 10 original silhouettes.) With 20 silhouettes you get two free silhouettes and two frames as a hostess gift.


Schools, Daycares, Fundraisers: Scheduling is easy! All it takes is a phone call. I'll provide you with everything you need to make your Silhouette Day a success. Don't let your families miss out! This is a chance for kids to see an artist in action, and for parents to acquire original, heirloom quality art at special school discount prices. They can even take care of their gift list early: extra silhouette copies cut at the same time make very affordable -- and unique -- gifts for grandparents and other family members. A silhouette portrait is a magical memento of childhood which will be cherished and displayed for years to come, long after other souvenirs of school days are packed away in boxes. Your school can play a part in silhouette history, helping to keep silhouette art alive into the next generation. At the same time, you raise some money for the school.


Small Hosted Parties: By individual arrangement, for small parties where the hostess pays for all the artwork I can sometimes offer discount prices. There is usually a $200 - $250 minimum, depending on the season, how busy I am, and how far I have to travel. A small hosted party might be a birthday party or other event with a finite and predictable number of silhouettes, no elaborate set-up requirements, and no lengthy time commitment.


Big Parties: For larger hosted parties my prices start at $250 an hour, with a two hour minimum. Call for details.





phone (425) 746-4141






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