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Real Silhouette Portraits

Not Caricature - Not Formula


A cut-paper silhouette is an original work of art

with all the elegance, grace, and romance of a by-gone era



With 40 years' experience, Kerry Cook is among a dwindling few artists to still

continue the unbroken tradition of real silhouette likenesses. This tradition extends

back through an early 20th century 'Golden Age,' on through the Victorian era,

all the way to the Renaissance.


Most people now calling themselves silhouette artists actually do a 'caricature-style'

cut, using a formula developed for theme parks. But portraits are not formula.


A silhouette has only one line to tell a story, so every millimeter of that line should

'speak.' By omitting surface distractions, a good silhouette evokes essence. A real

silhouette likeness can trigger a special kind of Aha! response - a sudden, intense

experience of recognition not found in photographs or other kinds of art.



Known for her excellent likenesses and careful attention to detail, Kerry cuts

paper in the traditional way: Freehand. No drawing, tracing, or projecting. Using

only a pair of scissors she can create a charming, heirloom-quality portrait

in just minutes. While you watch!



Silhouettes by Kerry Cook are a True North-West Tradition

Available for Schools, Fundraisers, Parties

and in select Children's Stores and Boutiques


As Seen on King 5 Evening Magazine


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